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Yes Sir, that’s my baby!

We were looking forward to presenting our new line: Keira. The name comes from the famous actress Keira Knightley, this bag incorporates the constant elegance and femininity of the actress that we find in the different scenarios of the famous movie saga “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It is no coincidence that our new model likes […]

D’Aniello presents Giaquinto: a great success!

Nearly a week from the “D’Aniello presents Giaquinto” event held at the D’Aniello di Aversa boutique to present our entire collection of bags, we still feel the strong emotions. It was a joyful event, a breathtaking party, during which we put our immense passion and fruit on stage: a collection of bags that expresses the […]

D’Aniello presents Giaquinto

9 June 2017, start 18:00. That day and that hour marked the beginning of a unique event for Giaquinto. D’Aniello in Aversa, which today represents a point of reference for fashion in Italy and in particular for Campania where it is present with six big boutiques, where the most famous brands of international high fashion converge, […]