Create a kind of interaction with the space that surrounds us through sophisticated clean shapes where the combination of lines, materials and colors defines an unconventional style.


Giaquinto is an Italian based handbags brand committed to contemporary art, design, essentially and quality. The style project combining innovation and tradition; It finds its inspiration in contemporary art and design, in the artist’ s mental “chaos” that molds abstract thought into concrete and functional matter.

The compliance for artistic imperfection and the reinvention of geometry are the starting point of Giaquinto’s line of thought. The collection, styled and made in Italy, emphasizes special attention to cutting and finishing. The color palette reflects the minimal and distinctive style of the project.

The neutral but never faded colors enhance the sinuous shapes of the bags.

The interaction among lines, shapes, materials, colors and details gives to each bag an iconic value that distances itself from the ordinary and market established shapes. An unconventional style that does not stand in opposition to functionality, a fulfilled expression of passions, interests and cultures declined into objects for contemporary women.