D’Aniello presents Giaquinto

9 June 2017, start 18:00. That day and that hour marked the beginning of a unique event for Giaquinto.

D’Aniello in Aversa, which today represents a point of reference for fashion in Italy and in particular for Campania where it is present with six big boutiques, where the most famous brands of international high fashion converge, will present with a breathtaking party all our bags collection.

Do you know NewYork in the 1980s? D’Aniello’s boutique will catapult our guests exactly at that time, when we created extravagant modes, certain trends that followed the famous pop icon Madonna with its Like a Virgin, years that marked the story, art and music.

These are the years of success in which women are becoming increasingly important and independent.

If you follow us on our Facebook and Instagram social channels, you will surely see that this mood has been our inspiration.

In the neon light, June 9, we will present our bags collection. An overview around the world Giaquinto with the accent on the most playful collection, the one that has allowed us to mix tradition and innovation and color out of the lines, the #CandyCollection.

Let us carry what our #candy want to you whisper: look at them, touch them, kiss them, they’re for you.

An event, an experience that will involve many personalities in the fashion world who will tell you everything through their eyes and blogs 😉

That night will be present Laura Comolli, she tells herself to imagine and photograph dreams around the world; Flora Dalle Vacche, called “the Blogger of the City on Water “; Gloria Bombarda, who tells her life on her blog as a “Mary Poppins bag”; Valentina Melpignano, romantic dreamer and Roberta Fusco, a lover of writing, cinema and good food, and Lorenzo de Caro, who is called a digital native influencer.

Giaquinto - fashion blogger

Something magical and wonderful is going to happen and together with the magazines Glamor, Vogue, Gioia, Cosmopolitan, MarieClaire, Elle and Vanity Fair will be there to tell you.

Don’t miss the event updates, follow the hashtag #GiaquintoforNAniello 😉

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