D’Aniello presents Giaquinto: a great success!

Nearly a week from the “D’Aniello presents Giaquinto” event held at the D’Aniello di Aversa boutique to present our entire collection of bags, we still feel the strong emotions.

It was a joyful event, a breathtaking party, during which we put our immense passion and fruit on stage: a collection of bags that expresses the Giaquinto’s irreverent character and the being out of the box that distinguish us.

A truly unexpected success, thanks to a steady affluence that filled us with joy and gratitude. This event was the occasion to meet all Giaquinto followers, but also to surround us with friends and people who have greatly appreciated our collections and our work.

So we have to draw conclusions and thank all those who have contributed to making the event an evening full of magic.

How not to start with Luigi, Antonio and Fabio D’Aniello, who believed in our project from the very beginning so to “marry” it in full by creating what for us was much more than a simple collaboration.

A warm thank is for Miss China 2016, Mei Zhan, our business partner in China.


Good thanks to all journalists who took part to the initiative with joy and enthusiasm. Thanks to Glamor, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Joy, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire.

We thank all the web influencers who have been able to tell our evening online with charm and a touch of irony, perfectly transmitting the emotions they experienced and the irreverence that distinguishes Giaquinto. We thank Laura Comolli, Flora Dalle Vacche, Roberta Fusco, Valentina Melpignano, Lorenzo de Caro and Gloria Bombarda.

Thanks also to the models that helped us to show the real protagonists of the evening: our bags.

Thanks to Federica Calemme, Rossella Longo, Noemi Del Prete, Fiorella Panico, Annalisa Falco and Gresya Acanfora.

And last but not least we want to thank Lunare Project’s friends that with their music selection created the right mood for a unique evening and also all our sponsors:


We are really happy and satisfied with our first event and we are confident that “D’Aniello presents Giaquinto” will be just the first chapter of a beautiful and exciting adventure.


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