Welcome to Giaquinto world

Before starting this journey together, we dedicate a few lines to our project to describe our identity and make you enter our world. Giaquinto is a brand that is deeply rooted in Italian tradition, but with an innovative and irreverent spirit.

A beautiful and adventurous adventure is only so if shared. From this belief we decided to share with you our journey and this blog will be our diary.

Irreverence is the trait that characterizes our personality, now declined in a collection of handbags that already in their design express the playfulness of their name: #CandyCollection.

Candy, are handbags dedicated to a woman who lives fashion as a pack of candy, to be discarded and tasted right away. You will see, with us the bags will look like marshmallows: it will be impossible to resist after choosing one!

Giaquinto Candy Collection

Giaquinto also finds his identity in a triangular mix made of territoriality, familiarity and femininity.

#KissMyBag #WatchMyBag #TouchMyBag #PimpMyBag

On our identity and irreverent character of our Candy, our 2017 communication campaign focuses on #KissMyBag #WatchMyBag #TouchMyBag and #PimpMyBag hashtags.

The Candy Collection is aimed at a woman who enjoys having fun, open minded, expressing her irreverence by playing fashion in a light manner.

The Giaquinto woman knows how to be the most elegant of the evening (#KissMyBag), lets watch (WatchMyBag) and seduce (#TouchMyBag). She loves being able to express herself freely, following his personality and attitude.

Close here the first page of our diary, remembering that our bags are available on our temporary online store and inviting you to tell us on Facebook or Instagram your opinions on our Candy Collection.

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