Yes Sir, that’s my baby!

We were looking forward to presenting our new line: Keira.

The name comes from the famous actress Keira Knightley, this bag incorporates the constant elegance and femininity of the actress that we find in the different scenarios of the famous movie saga “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It is no coincidence that our new model likes to be in the spotlight!

Equilibrated and versatile, our Keira line is made of genuine leather, embellished with brass accessories such as the Giaquinto Chevron that surrounds the latch and features a golden leather lining, like all models designed by Giaquinto, functional by a zipped pocket and a cell phone holder.

keira giaquinto

Actually there are five colors available on our online store: shiny gold and shiny silver for whom loves gold or silver, shiny light blue and shiny emerald green for lovers of soft colors and fairy tales and finally shiny light Pink, for whom believes that the truth is in the middle! A swing of emotions, a full palette of nuances and lamé leather that remembers the look of the 70s and 80s, but revisited in a contemporary key. Have you already chosen the color of your Keira? Expecting you on our online store 😉

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